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Top Caravanning Tips

  • Take your caravan to a repair or service centre to check your brakes, bearings & tyres at least once a year.

  • Make sure you purchase a suitable Jack for lifting your caravan.

  • Keeping a spanner close to your battery for quick disconnection in the case of a short circuit.

  • Attaching your plug to the sink by a small chain will ensure you do not lose it in the middle of The Kimberley.

  • There are thousands of Caravan Accessories on the market to ensure your caravan travels are more comfortable. These accessories are helpful in many situations you may find yourself in. Keep a list of the things you wish you had for consideration on your next trip.

  • In rural Australia chemist shops in some areas are a long distance between, make sure your first aid kit is always well stocked. You never know when you may need it!

  • Know the height of your Caravan or Motorhome as there are some low bridges in rural Australia.

  • When stopping for a break always do a walk around your van & car. Give a good inspection & have a good stretch, you will thank yourself later.

  • Last by not least. If you are travelling with friends keep a good distance to allow other traffic to pass safely. If you have a CB radio tune in to talk to the truckies & help them pass. Be a courteous traveller!